Tuesday, October 13, 2009


An Al Cooper Culinary Wish List

Oyster Festival – St. Mary’s County, Leonardtown, MD Oyster & Corn Chowder
National Lima Bean Festival – Cape May, NJ Key Lima Pie
Abalone Festival – Mendocino, CA – By reservation only; 1st 450; 7 months in advance
Louisiana Yambilee – Opolousas, LA - Praline-glazed yams (sweet potatoes galore !)
Apple Butter Festival – Morgan County, W.VA – a group activity w/ copper kettles & paddles
Peanut Butter Festival – Brundridge, ALA -where peanut butter was born – peanut butter chiffon pie
Gumbo Festival – Bridge City, LA – 2000 gallons, many varieties(crawfish, andouille,shrimp, chick)
Deutsch Country Days – Marthasville, MO – Kettle-cooked beef a specialty
Black Walnut Festival – Spenser, WVA-Civil war artillery shoot-out !1000 lb ox roast ;50,000 guests

Apple Butter Making

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  1. Al,

    I am new at this whole canning hobby and I have a question about bottling carrots. I followed the instructions in the Ball Blue Book and everything seemed fine until I pulled the bottles out of the pressure cooker. The bottles that were filled with carrots and water leaving 1" of head space were now only half full of water. Thinking I must have done something wrong I attempted it again with the same result. Am I doing something wrong or is this a normal thing with a pressure cooker.

    Also several years ago, I emailed you about pickling eggs. You send me a recipe that you have came up with. At the time that you sent it to me, you had not tested the eggs outside of the fridge. I am wondering how the eggs handled being on the shelf without refrigeration?